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Sequoia Elementary SchoolSequoia Elementary

T Kindergarten

picture transitional kindergarten teachers

Miss Moritz

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picture of kindergarten teachers

Mrs. Beard, Mrs. Castro, Miss Tovar, Mrs. Prewitt

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1st Grade

pictures of first grade teachers

Mrs. Prewitt, Mrs. Loy, and Miss Berry

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2nd Grade

picture of second grade teachers

Mrs. Barnett, Miss Larson, and Mrs. Worman

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3rd Grade

picture of 3rd grade teachers

Mrs. Norman, Mr. Demler, Mrs. Platt, and Mr. Yost

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4th Grade

picture of fourth grade teachers

Mrs. Luallen and Mrs. Preciado

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5th Grade

picture of fifth grade teachers

Mrs. Nelson and Miss Tickel

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6th Grade

picture of sixth grade teachers

Mrs. Elrod and Miss Martinez

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